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Gourd Art

Please contact us, using the form on the contact page,
prior to ordering any art piece to check for availability

and shipping/handling costs. 

Lonnie and Twyla Money
 Gourd and wood pieces of Lonnie carving his chicken from wood while Twyla
 paints the Twig Chicken.

Item # 01Lonnie and Twyla  

Lonnie and Twyla carving and painting birds for bird tree

  Item # 02  


Granny Quilting
Made from Wood and Gourd

Item # 03     
                                          Granny Quilting      
Item # 04  Granny Quilting    
Side View of Granny Quilting  


Jonah and The Whale

      Item # 05           Jonah and Whale
Jonah and the Whale    Jonah and the Whale   



Large Gourd Chicken
Sizes Vary due to size of gourds.
Approximate size is 32" t x 12" w x 22" l

Item # 06  
Item # 07
Red, White Black Chicken 
 Item # 08 
Large Gourd Chicken  Item # 09 Yellow Black Gourd Chicken
Item # 10Red,White with Black    Item # 11 Red,Black,White


Gourd Lady Feeding Calf

This farm lady is created from a gourd.
The calf is carved from wood.  This piece stands approximately 15" tall.
Each gourd piece will vary according to the gourd used.  

Item # 12Gourd Lady Feeding Calf  Gourd Lady Feeding Calf 

Gourd Lady Feeding Chickens
Gourd Lady approximately 15" tall

Item # 13Gourd Lady Feeding Chickens


Gourd  Skunk

   Item # 14    Gourd Skunk

Gourd Opossum with Babies
An opossum, created out of a gourd, carries two babies on her tail.  
Approximately 29" long by 9" tall. 


Item # 15
  Babies Opossums on Tail              

Gourd Raccoon
Sizes vary according to gourds

Item # 16       Gourd Raccoon

Gourd Grouse

Item # 17 Grouse
Extra Large Gourd Turkey
This very large turkey is  created from a large bushel basket gourd
and a penguin gourd.  It measures approx. 45" tall and 30" across the tail.

This size of gourd turkey is only available for pickup or local delivery
from our workshop.
      Item # 18  Extra Large Gourd Turkey               Extra Large Gourd Turkey
Gourd and Wood Turkey

Made from 2 different types of gourds. 
Stands 30" Tall and 22" Wide

Item # 19
    Large Brown Wood/Gourd Turkey      Large Gourd Turkey

                 Item # 20 Gourd Turkey


 Warty Gourd Turkey

This unique turkey is created from a gourd.
It measures approx. 13" wide by 18" tall.
Each turkey will vary according to the gourd used.

Item # 21  Warty Gourd Chicken Item # 22  Warty Gourd Turkey        
Item # 23 Brown Warty Gourd Turkey  


Large Warty Gourd Chicken
Made from carved wood and gourd. Hand painted.
Approximately 28" t x 24" w.  Gourd Sizes Vary

           Item # 24  Red Black Warty Gourd Chicken     

                            Item # 25 Extra Large Warty Gourd Chicken


 Gourd Fish

Item # 26  


Hen with Chicks
Made from gourd and wood approximately 17" x 7"w x 7".  
Baby Chicks approx. 4".  
Item # 27 Item # 28

Item # 29 Momma Hen with Chicks Item # 30 Gourd Hen and Chicks




Large Gourd Pig
This gourd pig measures approx. 23" long X 17" tall at the tail.
Colors vary.  Each piece varies by the size of the gourd.

Item # 31 Item # 32Large Gourd Pig 

                    Item # 33  Large Gourd Pig 

Gourd and Wood Bassett Hound Dog
Bassett Hound is made from hand carved wood and gourds. 
Hand Painted.  Approximately 26" long x 28" tall (Tip of his tail).
Size of Gourds Vary..


                Item # 34  
Item # 35     Hound Dog Gourd

 Small Egg Gourd Chicks   Warty Gourd Chicks
Approximately 4" tall                                    Approximately 8" tall

Item # 36  Egg Gourd and Warty Gourd Chickens
Small Egg Gourd Frogs

Item # 37  Egg Gourd Frogs 
Large Warty Gourd Frog
                        Item # 38 Medium Warty Gourd Frog

Chicken and Lizard

Made from Gourd and Wood. Lizard is made with one of a kind gourd. 
Approximately 45" long x 21" wide x 21" tall.
Item # 39
 Chicken and the Lizard
The Gourd BookWorm
This gourd bookworm is relaxing and enjoying his favorite books.

 Item # 40              
Gourd Book Worm

Work In Progress....





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