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Gourd Art

Please contact us, using the form on the contact page,
prior to ordering any art piece to check for availability

and shipping/handling costs. 

Bassett Hound 1                

    Lonnie and Twyla Money

 Gourd and wood pieces of Lonnie carving
     his chicken from wood while Twyla
           paints the Twig Chicken.

Lonnie and Twyla


    Granny Quilting     Granny Quilting

                                 Granny Quilting
                               Made from wood and gourd
                                       $450 plus s/h

                              Side View of Granny Quilting


 Jonah and The Whale
             $210 plus s/h    
 Jonah and Whale
Jonah and the Whale    Jonah and the Whale   



     Large Gourd Chicken             
Red Cream Gourd Chicken
    Sizes Vary due to size of gourds.
Approximate size is 32" t x 12" w x 22" l
              $220 - $250 plus s/h 

        Red, White Black Chicken     
Large Gourd Chicken             Yellow Black Gourd Chicken 

Red,White with Black          Red,Black,White


Gourd Lady Feeding Calf

This farm lady is created from a gourd.
The calf is carved from wood.  This piece stands approximately 15" tall.
Each gourd piece will vary according to the gourd used.  $380 plus s/h

Gourd Lady Feeding Calf  Gourd Lady Feeding Calf 

  Gourd Lady Feeding
Gourd Lady approximately 15" tall
                   $380 plus s/h

Gourd Lady Feeding Chickens


Gourd  Skunk
     $210 plus s/h

 Gourd Skunk

                         Gourd Opossum with Babies
                    An opossum, created out of a gourd, carries
                         two babies on her tail.  She measures
                   approximately  29" long by 9" tall. $300 plus s/h

  Babies Opossums on Tail              Opossum and Babies

                          Gourd Raccoon
                    Sizes vary according to gourds
                              $200-$250 plus s/h 

             Gourd Raccoon

Gourd Grouse
$150 plus shipping/handling

 Extra Large Gourd Turkey
This very large turkey is  created from a large bushel basket gourd
and a penguin gourd.  It measures approx. 45" tall and 30" across the tail.

This size of gourd turkey is only available for pickup or local delivery
from our workshop. $500 plus s/h
        Extra Large Gourd Turkey                                 Extra Large Gourd Turkey
Gourd and Wood Turkey

Made from 2 different types of gourds. 
Stands 30" Tall and 22" Wide

    Large Brown Wood/Gourd Turkey                                     Large Gourd Turkey

                                           Gourd Turkey


                                    Warty Gourd Turkey

                                             This unique turkey is created from a gourd.
                                                It measures approx. 13" wide by 18" tall.
                                           Each turkey will vary according to the gourd used.
                                                    Prices range from $120-$180 plus s/h

      Warty Gourd Turkey        
Brown Warty Gourd Turkey



                                                 Large Warty Gourd Chicken
Made from carved wood and gourd. Hand
                                                       painted. Approximately 28" t x 24" w
                                                                       $150 plus s/h

    Warty Gourd Chicken        Red Black Warty Gourd Chicken     

                                     Extra Large Warty Gourd Chicken



                                                            Hen with Chicks
                                           Made from gourd and wood approximately 17" x 7"w x 7".  
                                                  Baby Chicks approx. 4".  $180 plus s/h
Momma Hen with Chicks      Gourd Hen and Chicks




                       Large Gourd Pig
This gourd pig measures approx. 23" long X 17" tall at the tail.
    Colors vary.  Each piece varies by the size of the gourd.


      Large Gourd Pig 

          Large Gourd Pig 

 Gourd and Wood Bassett Hound Dog
Bassett Hound is made from hand carved wood and gourds. 
            Hand Painted.  Approximately 26" long x 28" tall (Tip of his tail).
                                          $200 plus s/h                                                           


                            Hound Dog Gourd

 Small Egg Gourd Chicks   Warty Gourd Chicks
Approximately 4" tall              Approximately 8" tall
$30 each plus s/h                  $60 each plus s/h

     Egg Gourd and Warty Gourd Chickens
Small Egg Gourd Frogs
             $30 plus s/h
Egg Gourd Frogs 
   Large Warty Gourd Frog
            $50 plus s/h 
                                                 Medium Warty Gourd Frog

                                 Chicken and Lizard
Made from Gourd and Wood. Lizard is made with
                                         one of a kind gourd.
                    Approximately 45" long x 21" wide x 21" tall.
                                   $600 plus shipping/handling.
 Chicken and the Lizard

The Gourd BookWorm

This gourd bookworm is relaxing and
enjoying his favorite books.
$600 plus s/h

                                        Gourd Book Worm

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